Monday, March 12, 2007

Mere Entertainment

Father Euteneuer of HLI has taken Sean Hannity to task over his "apology" for "sinning" when he ate a chicken sandwich the other Friday.
For example, last Friday Sean Hannity took a few moments out of his afternoon radio show to make an apology. When I heard that the rather brash Hannity was actually going to apologize for something I was interested to find out what that would be. At first he sounded very

sincere in saying we have to take responsibility for our mistakes. Fine so far. Then he went on to tell his hearers that he had taken two bites of a chicken sandwich that day because he had been traveling and literally forgot it was a Friday of Lent. He stopped eating it when he

realized it was a Friday, but he used the opportunity on the show to make a fairly big deal about the "eat meat on Friday and you can go to hell" issue.
Several others have weighed in on the subject also. The Curt Jester, My Domestic Church and many others I am sure. But there was a discussion on Ann Coulter on Huckleberries last week. One commentor put it this way:
"The problem with Coulter is the same problem as O'Reilly and Franken and Michael Moore ... they don't debate to talk about points they debate as a means to celebrity."
Bingo! Its why I don't like Savage or Rush or Dr. Laura. They may say some things that I agree with, but in the end they are just the flip side of Jerry Springer. Make fun of someone for ratings. It doesn't matter if it is the latest liberal goofball or a some bimbos that will tear each others clothes off just to be on TV.

Mocking people is the lowest of all entertainment. Kinda like the Roman coliseum.

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