Monday, March 19, 2007

Selective concern

Cliff Kincaid's editorial about General Pace's comments that, like marital infidelity, the military has a reason for not accepting immoral behavior such as homosexual activity.

Liberal media pushing for Gen. Pace’s forced resignation
This controversy says more about the Post than it does about Pace. It shows that a major American newspaper has become a virtual house organ of the gay rights movement. And it shows that this paper will not hesitate to use its power and influence to try to intimidate those with different views. It is the Post, in fact, which is being intolerant.

I was among those who strongly criticized Ann Coulter for using "faggot," a disparaging term about homosexuals. What Pace did, by contrast, was simply express his personal view, in an interview with the Chicago Tribune, that homosexual conduct is immoral. (web site) The Post editorial said in passing that Pace was "entitled to his opinions, of course," but went on to complain about the impact of his words. What the paper is really saying is that he is entitled to his opinions but he should keep them to himself. Frankly, the paper wants him to shut up.

We are living in strange times when smoking is considered a serious danger to one's health, and something which cannot be tolerated in most areas of public life, but a lifestyle linked to a raging epidemic of disease and death is regarded as a civil right that must not be criticized and even deserves to be celebrated.
That is the crux of this issue. The media controls what we talk about and it controls the playing field. And if you are a big player on the wrong side, watch out for the illegal hits.

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