Tuesday, August 08, 2006

swimming behind the boat

The Curt Jester asks, If these women who seek ordination are so interested in equality, Can I be their bishop?   After all:

Do they believe that these women require zero training in theology, philosophy, the pastoral life, etc first? If they do and they believe in equality then why aren't they demanding that the Church drops seminaries and that any man who feels he should be a priest is immediately ordained? That these men should just seek out any sympathetic bishop regardless of the church they belong to and be ordained immediately.


The magisterium is the anchor of the Bark of Peter. How do you settle theological arguments when each individual is their own magisterium? No surprise that the women's ordination movement would have the same problems of Protestantism, they are just less honest than Martin Luther was.

Here, the Jester brings up a point I was discussing with my wife last night.  It doesn't matter if you dive off to the left or to the right, you are still diving off the Barque of Peter.  Either way you will be stuck in a little life raft or swimming on your own.  And it isn't easy to keep up when you are swimming behind the boat, soon you are hopelessly lost.  And for those that cling to a lifeline from the boat, they are dragging behind and slowing it down, like barnacles.  Thankfully for their sake, the Church adheres to mercy and hopes for their salvation rather than just cutting the rope.  But they slow it down still the same.  And might I add, very selfishly flail about calling for all attention to be on them.

And then his final thrust is,

...if these women can just determine of their own volition that they are called to the priesthood, then why can't I just show up there and tell them that I was called to be their bishop and start ordering them about ? Do you think that they would buy that one? I think not, but I don't see how they could discredit my argument without invalidating theirs.

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