Friday, August 11, 2006

death rattle

There is a sound that those familiar to hospitals and nursing homes call the death rattle.  It is a certain sound in someone's breathing that signifies their death is imminent.  My wife recognizes it and will often take the time to say a quick prayer or even check out to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet for that person.


There is a similar sound among those who feed on being divisive and bring disunity to a group.  This death rattle is signified by switching their mantra to "focus on unity" or "building bridges".


Brian at Christus Vincit takes exception to musician David Haas calling for unity and oneness and to

"resist going down the black hole of anger regarding how we translate our texts, what we will sing, or which musical styles are most appropriate for our Masses," Source


tip to The Ox Files

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