Tuesday, August 29, 2006

On the menu today

Gerald at The Cafeteria is Closed has stirred up the pot with his take on Ephesians 5.  There are many a good comments on his post, most taking exception to his stance.  As one person put it, "Written like an unmarried man raised in a feminist society." and another added, "very cafeterialike".  And I don't consider these comments too harsh, Gerald is a very up-front and honest guy regarding the Faith, and these commenters are being up-front and honest when it seems he has wandered through an open door to the cafeteria.
A couple of links that were posted have been worthwhile.  Fr. John's "Mutual Subordination" at the St. Anastasia web site and Fr. Collins on the EWTN site.
And to the ruckus, I add my experience
As we approached marriage, my wife and I planned that she would work and I would stay home.  She was the more leader-like and I was more of a follower.  But did God have different plans!
6 kids later, my wife just wants to stay home and slowly but surely with the help of many of her prayers, I am now becoming a leader for our family.  Not only spiritually, but in other ways. 
God has given me the grace (when I cooperate through prayer) to make the tough decisions like whether to move and change professions.  My wife was involved in the whole decision, but God graced me with the decision not to do it.  But it was only through talking with her afterwards that I understood my decision.
She is happy to be the good woman behind the strong man.  Remember this dramatic reversal and the fact that our salvation is through our spouses and family.  God has a design.  It is up to us to cooperate.

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