Monday, August 07, 2006

good advice

Reading the last November issue of The Catholic World Report, (I am a bit behind); Domenico Bettinelli offers some good advice on the Editorial Page.  The sub heading poses the question "What to do when the constant stream of bad news about the Church threatens your faith." 
And I suspect this is true for a good many of us.  Can we withstand the bombardment from all sides without sustaining injury?  We have the media looking for fresh meat to tear into.  Many within the Church are all too happy to spread bad news if it advances their agenda, and this comes from both the left and the right.  The liberal left will rejoice when a bad bishop is exposed.  The Rad Trad right will never cease to point out the obvious failings of everyone to the left of themselves.
So what does he advise for those like his friend that find even though they are "going to church daily, saying the Rosary, and really trying to get my faith back, I am losing it..."
This editor suggests "Stop following the news."
Not bad advice.  Bad for business perhaps, but good for the soul. 
I would suggest one variation.  Don't just stop following the news, find something good to take its place.  Mr. Bettinelli offers his reason that the news doesn't shake his faith.
The main point is that my faith doesn't depend on anyone else's holiness.  Go to Mass, pray, seek solace in the Lord, and use this as an opportunity to understand how pernicious and disgusting sin is whether it's these heinous sins against the young and vulnerable or our own sins.

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