Thursday, August 17, 2006

Worthwhile reading

Do yourself a favor and visit Bettnet and read Dominico's writings. 
Especially note his Sacrificed to a Higher Cause which links to a story at Feminine Genius regarding the fact that some Muslim mothers were willing to sacrifice their child for a higher cause.

“It may be beyond belief, but we are convinced that there are now women in Britain who are prepared to die with their babies for their twisted cause,” a security adviser to the British government told The Times of London. “They are ruthless, single-minded and totally committed.”

Ah yes, we know the sort. Over here, they’re teaching Women’s Studies on college campuses, working in the local Planned Parenthood offices, and working feverishly in editorial offices in NYC.

Also note his article on Grave Reasons.  It may give us all pause to reflect on what is important.

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