Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I finally took the challenge to see which of the Church Fathers I am similar too. After seeing bloggers like the Ironic Catholic turn out to be well known fathers like Origen, I get the obscure St. Melito. It is fairly accurate though.

You’re St. Melito of Sardis!

You have a great love of history and liturgy. You’re attached to the traditions of the ancients, yet you recognize that the old world — great as it was — is passing away. You are loyal to the customs of your family, though you do not hesitate to call family members to account for their sins.

Find out which Church Father you are at The Way of the Fathers!


Puff the Magic Dragon said...

Brother! Me too!

Wasn't Melito originally a heretic?

just askin'.:)

Puff the Magic Dragon said...

I was wrong, he wasn't originally a heretic. Better than let that suggestion stand I did some research.

Found this out about Melito of Sardis from New Advent


"St. Melito
Bishop of Sardis, prominent ecclesiastical writer in the latter half of the second century. Few details of his life are known. A letter of Polyerates of Ephesus to Pope Victor about 194 (Eusebius, "Hist. Eccl.", V, xxiv) states that "Melito the eunuch [this is interpreted "the virgin" by Rufinus in his translation of Eusebius], whose whole walk was in the Holy Spirit", was interred at Sardis, and had been one of the great authorities in the Church of Asia who held the Quartodeciman theory. His name is cited also in the "Labyrinth" of Hippolytus as one of the second-century writers who taught the duality of natures in Jesus. St. Jerome, speaking of the canon of Melito, quotes Tertullian's statement that he was esteemed a prophet by many of the faithful."

the article ends with

"Melito's feast is observed on 1 April. "

I don't know about you but of course I would be a saint whose Feast day was shared with the Fools.

KaleJ said...

Glad he wasn't originally a heretic. That would be hard to swallow. I am sinner no doubt and have spent time in state of serious sin, but I have never denied any teachings.

But yes, April 1st would be a good indicator how close this matches me.