Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fight or flight

Shellie at Profound Gratitude asks a question about Self Defense

There is a quasi-raging debate on the
homeschool forums I frequent over whether or not Christians should
engage in self-defense or rather if they should turn the other cheek
and love their enemies.

Some posters feel it is a duty for Christians to be
prepared (knowledgeable and packing heat) to defend those they love and
those around them (Virginia Tech) and some feel it’s not a duty, per
se, but it is certainly not wrong to utilize self-defense or to kill to
protect innocent life.

Others are adamant that you can’t find self-defense, well,
defensible, especially if you look at the first 300 years of
Christianity… it’s just not found… posits one college adjunct

In brief, what are your thoughts? I am curious on the shakedown
between Protestant, cradle Catholic and convert here if you’re so
inclined to comment and tell which of those descriptors fit you.

to paraphrase Chesteron (I think) we fight not because we hate what is before us, but because we love what is behind us.

I see it as a duty for a Christian to defend those behind him. A family, loved ones, others who cannot defend themselves.

Dying for Christ is one thing, dying because some maniac is shooting people at random doesn't honor anyone. Look at the Columbine shootings. One girl was told to deny Jesus or she would be shot. She refused and died for her savior. Denying God is not protecting yourself.

But defending your live and that of others is not un-Christian. Turning the other cheek is about not valuing worldly goods, our pride or even your own life above God.

We should be willing to suffer humiliation for our God. But dying at the hands of a random murderer is not suffering for God.

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