Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Un-offendables

I love Shea's ability to sum up some groups with the patented [TM]. Think of anything else Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have done other than masquerade ask the front for the latest "outrage".

Catholic and Enjoying It!: Don Imus
One of the many nice things about living in Seattle is that I've never heard Don Imus. I get the impression he's one of these guys who has risen to fame by being obnoxious on the radio, but never having heard him I couldn't say. I notice on Drudge that he appears to have said something crass and ugly about some black female jocks or something and now is going through the de rigeur act of public show trial self-abasement with the de rigeur declarations from Professionally Outraged People[TM] that he be sacked, that America Examine Its Conscience and that toads like Al Sharpton be treated as Anointed Prophets of God.
Kathy at Relapsed Catholic has a few fine points too.
"Could someone send me a guide?"

"And be real sure to include phrases black people use affectionately towards each other that would offend coming from me but not from Tarantino or not from me in a Tarantino movie if Tarantino directed but it had black people where he was acting and not only directing and I said the line to a black person but there was more than three white people in the room and Sam Jackson said it was okay and not on the radio..."


Can you imagine Lenny Bruce apologizing to (bad analogy chosen for decade-appropriate comparison purposes only) Martin Luther King? Can you imagine King asking him to? No, since he was busy doing actual things.

Do I approve of the coarsening of our culture, that during the Clinton administration my mom had to explain to my gramma what a blow job was? Hell, no.

But I really object to cowardly corporate whores like Imus, masquerading as outlaws until it hits the fan, while creeps like Al & Jesse pose as saints.
That is what I am saying. He makes his living off being an idiot and suddenly he offends The Un-offendable. Sorry, show a little outrage when he mocks Christianity. Or when he mocks whomever he does. Not just when he finally says something that can get Jesse and Al on TV again.

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