Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Not so kind

Or accurate, but what can we suspect from those who have no clue about our faith. The Curt Jester has the MSM's take on John Billing death. The headlines: Founder of contraceptive method dies and Rhythm method pioneer dies in Melbourne.
Yes it is a good thing the MSM has editors so they don't make blunders like this. Of course not mentioned in the fact that the Billings Ovulation Method can be used to help couples who are having difficulties to conceive. But then that wouldn't fit the NFP is contraception meme.
At least we didn't see "Father of Rhythm and Roulette dies." In my earlier post, I remembered the "aiding those with fertility problems to achieve pregnancy" part right before I posted it.

As a father of 6 I often forget the other side of NFP. But hopefully science can continue to help them without resorting to evil.

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Sandra said...

HEy I support your remarks at the Kippley's blog! Too bad they are too close to the forest to see the trees and the good fruit coming from them!