Tuesday, April 03, 2007

John Billings, RIP

May his soul rest in peace. What a wonderful pioneer, recognizing a need for legitimate spacing of children without resorting to the grave evil of contraception. His method also is a help those couples that struggle with infertility.

This is an example of what science should be. Using knowledge to help people and find better methods without resorting to the anti-science of doing harm.

Billings wasn't the "father" of the method we teach, but his method is the "sympto" in what is known as the SymtoThermal Method.
Catholic World News : John Billings, NFP pioneer, dead at 89
Dr. John Billings, the Australian pioneer in natural family planning, died in Melbourne on April 2 at the age of 89. Trained as a neurologist, Billings began research on fertility in the early 1950s, devising what was originally known as the "ovulation method" of natural birth regulation. Together with his wife, Dr. Evelyn Billings, he spent the remainder of his career refining the method-- now popularly known as the Billings method-- and educating couples throughout the world on its use.
The Billings method, which helps women to identify their fertile days based on their monthly cycles, has been used successfully by thousands of couples-- either to space births or to achieve pregnancy. John and Evelyn Billings founded an international organization known as WOOMB (World Organization for Ovulation Method- Billings) in Melbourne to further their work.

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