Friday, April 13, 2007

This should cause some rukus

And only because those who despise tradition are getting rather traditional about their own traditions.  The unofficial new English Translations for the Order of the Mass has been leaked.  Looks like we will all be reading out of the missal for a while.  But that is good.  It will give us pause to reflect and remember what we believe.

The hermeneutic of continuity: Text of the new ICEL translation via the Curt Jester.

Or go straight to the evil PDF version.


Susan Westberg said...

Does anyone have any thoughts as to when American parishes might start using the improved translations? It seems to me the sooner the better. God Bless

KaleJ said...

I am not sure on the timing. I am encouraged by the unofficial version being leaked, but the official release and then implementation may be some time away.