Thursday, April 12, 2007

Missing the Pope

If only they had a fraction of the "respect" for Pope JPII when he was alive as they do for their biased "memory" of who he was after his death. Jeff takes out the fisk broom and sweeps this NoNewsweek article into the birdcage where it belongs.

The Curt Jester: Newsweek still sucks

I guess the MSM just loves to have it both ways. First he is painted at the mean-spirited enforcer forcing his ways on everyone, and then he is the paper-tiger and politicians that had a certain respect under JPII have totally lost it now. This is so laughably funny as a piece of analysis it is hard to know where to start. Secular politicians promoting gay marriage and abortion never cared one bit about the Pope whether it was JPII or B16.

And then with his visit to South America you know they are going to bring up the document critical of Father Jon Sobrino. So I guess the paper-tiger is back to biting. They of course frame the criticism of Father Sobrino's writings in the framework of Liberation Theology when it was a condemnation of his weak-Christology.

To borrow from Archbishop Sheen again, I am glad to see Newsweek still believes in the influence of the Pope. If they believed what they write, this wouldn't make it off the newsroom floor.

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