Wednesday, April 18, 2007

In case your not paying attention

Like me. My wife emailed and told me to offer up some prayers of thanksgiving. Praise the Lord for even this small victory.

Court backs ban on abortion procedure - Yahoo! News
WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court upheld the nationwide ban on a controversial abortion procedure Wednesday, handing abortion opponents the long-awaited victory they expected from a more conservative bench.
But the fanatics for death-at-all-costs aren't happy. It isn't that they care how the death comes, just that they have unlimited access to murder.
Abortion rights groups as well as the leading association of obstetricians and gynecologists have said the procedure sometimes is the safest for a woman. They also said that such a ruling could threaten most abortions after 12 weeks of pregnancy, although government lawyers and others who favor the ban said there are alternate, more widely used procedures that remain legal.
And don't think for a minute that all the prayers for the end to abortion were not the reason Kennedy switch sides to tip the scales for the pro-life ruling.

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