Monday, April 30, 2007

He has one thing right

Don't know much about Chavez except from the mass media, so therefore I really don't know anything about him. And what I do know is probably false.

He seems to be a radical socialist, but he can't be all bad if he has withdrawn from the IMF and World Bank. If he is a socialist, at least he isn't a one world socialist. Even with one oar out of the water, I wager his boat will cross the equator now and then.

Venezuela pulling out of IMF, World Bank - Yahoo! News
Chavez, who says he wants to steer Venezuela toward socialism, made the announcement a day after telling a meeting of allied leaders that Latin America would be better off without the U.S.-backed World Bank or IMF. He has often blamed their lending policies for perpetuating poverty.

Chavez wants to set up a new lender run by Latin American nations and has pledged to support it with Venezuela's booming oil revenues. The regional lender, which he has called "Bank of the South," would dole out financing for state projects across Latin America.

Chavez has criticized past Venezuelan governments for signing agreements with the IMF to restructure the economy — plans blamed for contributing to racing inflation.

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