Friday, April 13, 2007

Book tag

I guess I have been tagged by James at The Daily Brouhaha: with the Book(s) I am currently reading meme.
So, for want of something better to write about (or for want of the eloquence to write about something better), I have decided to start another blogosphere ‘tag’ and ask fellow bloggers to write about the book, or books they are currently reading.
So what am I reading right now? To be honest, not much. I finished Tolkein's "Lord of the Ring" in the last month. That kept me quite busy for the winter. After that, I finished the short book "Courtship and Marriage" by Fr. John A. O'Brien. I have to write a review on that yet.

Two books I started and haven't finished yet; "Mass Confusion" by Jimmy Akin and "Search and Rescue" by Carl Olsen (I think). So they sort of count.

But in reality, I am doing a Bible Study on podcast right now. It has me enthusiastic about reading the Bible and seeing the connections between the Old and New Testament. That coupled with being very with work and the kid's activities, I guess the Bible is really the only book I am reading. And I am not showing off either James.

I tag Shellie, Puff and Bar-i-tone, and Chris

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Shellie said...

Laughing. I love it. Will do!