Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kooks and crazies

We braved the weather with all the other "kooks and crazies" to go see Ron Paul in Spokane. About 1000 people there by my estimation, 300 chairs were filled and the other half of the room was standing room only. And filled to the back. We got the last chair, given to the nursing mother of course, while the other two of us stood behind the chairs, pretty good "seats" as we could see well.

The message was outstanding, only disappointment was that Dr. Paul had to hustle out right after his speech on his way to another stop. My wife would have loved to shake his hand, perhaps a picture with him and our little girl (in her "Ron Paul didn't deliver me, but it isn't too late." onesie.) I will analyze the speech a bit more this weekend, but it was mainly on a financial tone. And he gave a solution to our financial woes. More on that later.

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