Monday, January 28, 2008

Chrism Cologne

Yesterday was the joyous day of our daughter's baptism.  I can hardly think of anything more beautiful that welcoming another son or daughter as a child of God.

One tricky part having a large family is finding the Godparents.  (friends reading this, please understand this is supposed to be humorous.)  The last time around the couple we chose mentioned how honored they were to be asked, I said, well consider that we had six children, so they were the sixth couple we had asked...  So no offense to the seventh set, we just didn't know you back with the first few.  And why do I mention the esteemed godfather?  Because this post was inspired by his love for the spicy smell of the Chrism that the newly baptized are anointed with.  He mentioned he would love to be able to smell that all the time.  Perhaps market a Chrism Cologne.  So here it is.


Introducing the newest in the line of the Catholic Essentials; Chrism Cologne

tiara3  Smell as good as the day you were baptized!

Oh the odor of sanctity, no whiff of despair or tinge of angst.  You may have to beware of strange Italian guys infringing on personal space for a hit of this Balsamic Beauty.  But with the limited edition papal tiara bottle and lifetime membership in God's family, no child of God will want to be without this item.

The bottle plays sounds of running water and with this fragrance, it may just take you back to a better time, a time when your soul was washed clean in the Blood of the Lamb.*

For a Limited Time only, leave an indelible mark on your aroma.

*Cologne does not remove sin, please check with your priest for the Sacraments.

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