Monday, January 28, 2008

It's snow fun time

I love the snow.  I love to hear people get dramatic over a little cold weather or several inches of snow.  We got somewhere over 12 inches in the last two days, probably more but it was heavy and kept settling. 

Don't have a snow blower, I got kids.  I sent them out on Saturday night to shovel so the run to Church on Sunday would be clear.  A very wise move by my wife was purchasing additional shovels.  I had one it never worked to have the boys take turns with it.  We have 3 snow shovels and one is little for the smaller boys.  Looks like the grain harvest on those big wheat farms when they all line up and start plowing.

Last night I took one boy out with me and we cleared away another 4-5 inches.  It makes a father's heart swell watching a boy really put himself into hard work.

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