Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ad=insert your line here

With Pope Benedict celebrating the Mass “ad orientem” in the Sistine Chapel, we get plenty of Ad (your own line here) type of articles. Even the CNA falls victim of the dizzyness created when a priest turns around.
Vatican City, Jan 15, 2008 / 04:22 am (CNA).- Pope Benedict XVI celebrated Mass on Sunday in the Sistine Chapel, using the church’s original altar beneath Michelangelo’s depiction of the Last Judgment instead of the removable altar used by Pope John Paul II.

The Vatican’s office for liturgical celebrations issued a statement saying the decision to use the old altar was used to respect "the beauty and the harmony of this architectural jewel."

Using the old altar meant that Pope Benedict occasionally celebrated the liturgy with his back to the people, a posture called “ad orientem” or “towards the east” in the traditional phrasing. It was the first time Mass had been celebrated in the Chapel in such a way since the Second Vatican Council, which took place between 1962 and 1965.

The choice echoes part of the Pope’s reintroduction of traditional liturgical practices, some of which were phased out by the Second Vatican Council. The Pope has also encouraged the revival of Gregorian chant, a centuries-old style of liturgical music.

During the Mass at the Sistine Chapel, the Pope baptized 13 babies.
I have yet to see a document that speaks of "ad orientem" without mentioning the "back to the people" line. Would it be so hard to edit that phrase to say, "facing East while leading his flock in worship" or merely "facing East with the people"?

So it leads me to a meme of sorts. With all the dizziness experienced by the media in reporting this phenomenon, what comes to your mind when you read an article on "Ad Orientum"? The Curt Jester has already added his with "Ad Entertainer" or I might edit "Ad Entertaineum". For me it would be "Ad Nauseam" in reference to the ongoing dizziness of the media.

What would you add?

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