Tuesday, January 15, 2008

They that lack faith

Amid the hooting and hollering, clapping and cheers, there is a hollow silence. The atheist and "secularists" that protested the papal visit to La Sapienza university in Rome, and think they have won, are exposing a crisis of faith. No, not a crisis of faith in God, there has to be some faith for it to be a crisis. They are revealing a crisis of faith in "science". Or more accurately, their faith in secularism.

If their "science" can't handle a visit from a prominent religious figure, perhaps it isn't science at all. Science by definition should be tested. If the theory doesn't hold up, then it is discarded.


matthew archbold said...

Nice point. I still think western civ. is spiraling.

Bill said...

How exactly is the pope gong to do anything to "test" science? Is he going to recommend new experiments? Maybe he might bring to bear findings from his own research?

More likely he will blather on pointlessly about how science and religion need to work in concert and are not enemies. Meanwhile lacing it with arcane wisdom on social policy. After which the physicists will go back to their work nothing having changed.

What business does the pope have at a scientific institution? None. He can add nothing to the discussion and has no expertise to bring to the table.

KaleJ said...

Bill, you make my point quite well. What is the Pope going to do that deserves such an outcry from the secularists?

Do the religious folk have sit-ins and throw a fit every time a Catholic school has a science fair? No, because science is not a threat to those of faith. Science grew up under the wing of Catholic universities when there were no secular institutions of higher learning.

As far as the Pope having no expertise to offer, perhaps a bit of reading would do you well. This isn't some stuffy old dark-ages cleric from your favorite movie, but a very intelligent learned man. He could run circles around most of us in scientific thought.