Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the Arena, the Christians and the lion (lying)

Matthew at CMR has some quotes to note regarding
Archbishop Burke and Saint Louis U. Basketball Coach.
"It's not possible to be a Catholic and hold those positions," Burke said. "When you take a position in a Catholic university, you don't have to embrace everything the Catholic church teaches. But you can't make statements which call into question the identity and mission of the Catholic church...I'm confident it (the university) will deal with the question of a public representative making declarations that are inconsistent with the Catholic faith."[emphasis added]
Sadly Burke was thinking this Catholic University was actually Catholic.

As Matthew points out, this is the the Jesuit school that is not controlled by "religious creed" and, hence:
The school was able to convince the Missouri Supreme Court that they were hardly Catholic at all in order to receive $8 million of taxpayer dollars to build a new arena. Hey look, Judas only got a few silver pieces. The Jesuits got $8 million. Inflation?

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