Thursday, January 10, 2008


Blind son or not, this is just an amazing video. Others probably can attest more-so than I, because I don't find my own son's remarkable musical talent that, shall I say, remarkable? Indeed he can amaze me, but living with someone with a handicap seems to eliminate that very word from the vocabulary. It often sounds cliche, but he doesn't seem handicapped to me. Just has a different method for processing information.

Nowadays, in the 4th grade, it isn't odd to see him seated on the couch reading a book, laughing every now and then, and telling us every part he finds funny. Sounds remarkably quite like our daughter at that age. Yeah he probably skates by on some jobs that the other children have to do. But he has his chores to do, and remarkably enough he does many chores better than the others. Although the 10 year old attitude is probably about the same.

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