Monday, January 28, 2008

The ever present question

For those with big families is "you have how many?"

Well, Sherry at "Chocolate for your brain" has 50.  Responses, that is, to the questions.  Some of my favorite

43. Creating my own voting block for when I run for President.

38. Q: Don't you know how this works? A: Well yeah! (I always say this with a big smile)

36. With such good looking intelligent offspring, it seemed selfish to limit ourselves.

32. I can drown out anyone in an argument with pure sound. (Surround sound)

29. Defense in depth. (something about meeting the enemies at the gate)

19. Exiting Car is an event. (quite a spectacular event by the looks of the spectators.)

9. Never have to worry about being corrupted by too much wealth or material things. (there still is the issue of grandparents...)

1. Said we'd accept children lovingly from God. God took us seriously. (amen!)

And my own?  I don't have quite as many.  I have plenty of reasons, just not as quick on the wit.

10. Its all about the corporal works of mercy.  I get plenty of chances to feed the hungry, clothe the naked... without leaving home.

9. Yeah I have a basketball team of boys, but I am really a fan of football.

8. Still hoping to get it right.  Enjoying the practice.

7.  (for when I don't have all of them, and sometimes the kids beat me to this one) Yes, all mine, but not all of mine.

6. Once we hit three, they had us out numbered.  So beyond that, what difference did the number make?

5. My brothers are chiropractors, they can help you with that whiplash.

4. (for the obnoxious women that don't catch the first clue) Watch out, I am potent.

3.  Yeah I know what causes it.  And I still happen to enjoy it.

2. And so does my wife. (that is like the upper cut that closes the slack jaw from the previous response.)

1. And from a Marie Bellet song, "Can't you see these eager faces are the best of me."

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SherryTex said...

Love it! Actually, the real reason was created by my husband, as was the Q&A answer. Love the basketball one...will have to use it. Thanks for the gracious plug as well.