Monday, January 07, 2008


Just wondering how many readers out there had their Epiphany hijacked by the US Bishops deciding this would be a good week to foist the "migration week" theme on us? 

Our priest was halfway through a good homily on the readings when he switched gears to the politically motivated-one sided slant on how we are all migrants, and just like the "wise people" the migrants deserve....  I can't remember what came next because it was like those videos you are supposed to watch closely and then Wham! someone jumps into the screen and scares you.  The whole train of though just slammed into the proverbial wall.

First, how lame is it hitching the "migrant week" to the visit of the Magi?  The Magi were traveling to a foreign land to adore the King of Kings, God made incarnate, not trying to subvert the laws and perhaps a whole nation.  And lest anyone forget, the Magi went home when their visas expired.  You could make the case that Herod wasn't exactly friendly to the travelers, but comparing Duncan Hunter or even Tom Tancredo to Herod is quite a reach.

Second, it isn't migration that concerns people.  I am a migrant.  I moved from one part of the country to another.  But I am not an immigrant.

someone who leaves their country or origin to take up permanent residence in another country

Thirdly and most importantly, it was Mass.  And major feast day. Which they chose to hijack for their political purpose.  They are Bishops, and they of all people should know better.

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Valerie said...

Nope, no migrant hijacking. However, we did get entertained by a young woman with a lovely voice at the end of Mass. Apparently she was part of the choir that won whatever that show was a couple of weeks ago and so we were treated to her performance. One wonders just how appropriate this is *before* the blessing, when Mass is *really* over. Hmmm...