Thursday, January 17, 2008

Three strikes and your out

First off, the new "skinny" line at Starbucks isn't new. Even us backwoods folk here in Idaho used that term many years ago in reference to nonfat milk in lattes.

Second, get real. Skinny isn't politically correct. One could make the argument that people drink the overpriced burnt coffee for an ego boost, but ordering a "skinny" latte could offend someone? Next thing you know, ordering a tuna on wheat will offend some ... oh say Jewish folks. Dunno why, I can't imagine the amount of time these people waste looking for something offensive.

But the last straw was this
But not everyone is on board. The Starbucks Gossip blog featured a letter from a barista sharing her concerns about the new drink title. Among her complaints? A new drink type will cause confusion among customers, and use of the the word "skinny" to describe a beverage is politically incorrect, and could hurt customers' or workers' self-esteem.
Has she actually looked at the menu?

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