Monday, October 30, 2006

On our men's retreat

I attended our annual men's retreat this last weekend.  As usual, the male bonding, Sacrament of Confession and Mass each day were well worth the price.  The evening sessions of "Theology on Tap" are also a regular favorite. 
The priest that was the retreat master was an absolute rock.  Imagine being at a Mass where there was nothing to offend the senses.  (well exclude the band that was doing the music, but that wasn't Father's fault.)  We had the long Eucharistic prayers with Cosmos and Damien, and Felicity and Perpetua.  And no Extraordinary Ministers! 
Father had a small chalice (later I asked about the chalice and it was from Jerusalem, blessed in the Upper Room and was a traditional Jewish Blessing Cup such as would have been used at a Passover meal.)  No Cup being passed around, and Father was the only Minister of the Eucharist.
But that led to an issue that surprised and disturbed me.  The committee (including me) gathered at one table during breakfast on Saturday.  One issue popped up, the rest of the committee had taken a "straw poll" and decided that they wanted the Cup at Mass.  (I wasn't in on that discussion because I was in a different cabin Friday night.)  One committee member went so far as to call his priest and have him bring two chalices down that afternoon when he came for confessions.  Father asked that we perhaps wait until Sunday for High Mass and it would make that more special.  But several members of the committee were adamant and Father backed down.  I threw my opinion in for Father at that point, but the "fuller sign" guys had their way.
I have already expressed my disgust of this disrespect to one member of the committee, but I can see some storms brewing in the future meetings.


Anonymous said...

Let me know if you need back up. I went to Mass yesterday for all saints day in Edmonds WA and boy let me tell you, it was difficult to keep my eyes open with all the non-sense going on in there. And I thought we had it rough.

Anonymous said...

Remember Its thru GODS loving hands we will pervale.

KaleJ said...

Ah, this one I can handle, but thanks for the backup Eric.

I was invited to be on the committee cuz they want more youth. Not sure they were counting on the fiery faithfulness