Monday, October 16, 2006


If this move from the USCCB doesn't inspire the lay faithful, nothing will.  And by inspiring, I mean inspire us to pray for more budget cuts on the bureaucracy.
The USCCB goes after web sites which make use of USCCB documents, threatening legal action for copyright violations. This policy is in marked contrast to that of the Vatican, which enforces copyrights only to prevent others from releasing advance copies of documents before their official promulgation dates.
And according to the Curt Jester, the USCCB is going after sites that use the NAB Bible for podcasts.  And to think some of our tithe money goes to support this organization acting like a hyper-secretive CEO just before his company goes bankrupt.  Perhaps that is more true than we know.
note:  The spell check keeps trying to change the USCCB acronym into the work suck.  Huh, Microsoft may have been on to something.

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