Thursday, October 26, 2006

truth in advertising?

When it comes to politics, not a chance.  I usually ignore most "celebrities" who pimp themselves for a political cause.  But Michael J. Fox continues his campaign of spreading lies to promote the immoral ESCR.

The ad blasts Mark Green for opposing embryonic stem cell research even though he has a $25 million dollar plan to have the state promote adult stem cells.

"His latest ad, which is part of a national smear campaign by Democrats, flat out lies about my record on stem cell research," Green said in a statement. "However, using a celebrity to further Jim Doyle's false attacks does not make them any more true."

Barbara Lyons, director of Wisconsin Right to Life, said the ads were misleading and preying on voters' emotions.

"Everyone deeply sympathizes with Fox who has Parkinson's disease. What we don't respect is the 'hype' and false hope he conveys about embryonic stem cell research," she said.

"There is no cure or even help for humans from this controversial research," said Lyons. "No human being has ever received an embryonic stem cell because they are too dangerous and tend to produce tumors."

Somehow I doubt we will ever hear that last line from the major media outlets.

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