Friday, October 06, 2006

white man values

We are accustomed to the lunacy of the anti-life zealots, but this little bit takes the cake.  The pro-aborts have been in a tizzy since South Dakota banned most abortions statewide.  They thought they had their loophole by propping up a woman that has worked in the abortion industry as president of the Ogalala Sioux tribe.

She attempted to tried to get an abortion mill on their reservation and circumvent the state ban. 

''I got really angry about a bunch of white guys in the state Legislature making decisions about my body, again,'' Fire Thunder said of the state legislature's approving an abortion ban.

Too bad she didn't understand her own culture.  The council impeached her and unanimously banned abortions on the reservation.  It seems that Ms. Cecilia Fire Thunder was the one with the white man values.

Philomine Lakota, a language and culture teacher, told Indian Country Today that she knows of no word in the Lakota tribe's language for an abortion because the values of the Native Americans don't include taking the life of a baby before birth.

As most in the pro-life movement know, abortion and contraception are tools of racism and eugenics.  And un-committed and predatory males are more than happy to have a woman live with the horror of killing a child if it means he doesn't have to be responsible.

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