Monday, October 30, 2006

doing the dishes

Gerald at the Closed Cafeteria reports on a memo in the LA Archdiocese regarding the end of the indult for purification of the sacred vessels after Communion.  An interesting excerpt,
in effect since 2002 which allows extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion to help cleanse cups and plates when there are not enough priests or deacons to do so.
At least the use the proper title for the Extraordinary Ministers, but cups and plates?  Pleeease!  I can almost hear the announcement at the beginning of Mass
Welcome to our fraternal banquet, after sharing our meal please recline and wait for our staff to wash the dishes.  Mr. Smith.... Mrs. Jones, you all have KP duty after brunch is served.
The Curt Jester has the excerpt from Redemtionis Sacrumentum and also argues that the abuse of EMHC is part of the problem. 

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