Friday, October 06, 2006

Your hair shirt called

I was listening to Fr. Corapi on the radio this morning.  The subject was the lesson of Fatima and it boiled down to what the Angel told the children.  Pray and do penance. 
That was the sum of it.  We are to believe for those that don't believe, hope for those that have no hope and love for those that don't love.  And humbly accept whatever sufferings the Lord may send our way.  And we don't need to go out of our way to find penances.  Fr. Corapi talked about how some saints would wear hair shirts as a form of penance.  He said we don't need to do that, after all our hair shirt may be sitting next to us.  We may be married to our hair shirt.  Obviously said to get a laugh, but then he made his point.  
Forget the hair shirt, just live in peace in your family. 
Another profound point of the angel at Fatima.  Pray and do penance for all those that offend the Heart of Jesus.  This is how you will bring peace to your country.

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