Thursday, October 05, 2006

you are not gonna hear that from the media

Conspicuously absent from all the reporting on the Rep. Foley scandal is the fact that he is a homosexual by his own admission.  The first I heard about it was in this article on the Catholic News Agency site.  Obviously the mainstream media is ignoring this angle and use the mistaken pedophile classification. 
“Foley’s actions were that of homosexual predator, not a pedophile,” Jones said.

Jones referred to studies that show homosexual abuse of young men often leads the abused to take on an abusive homosexual identity themselves.  “This creates a cycle of violence and disordered behavior that creates future generations of abusers and predators,” he added.
I wonder at the shortsightedness of the media.  One would have thought they would have preferred to sweep the whole situation under the rug.  But perhaps they would rather he die in friendly fire just to make sure the Republicans receive the shame.  Or did they assume (correctly?) that they could keep this revelation out of the coverage?

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