Thursday, October 19, 2006

fair-ly obvious

Stopped by the local halloween costume outlet to get some ideas for my wife and I.  She won't have time to make our costumes, as she is already working on costumes for the kids.  I didn't see much I liked, too expensive and too trashy.  I wonder why all the picture on the package have well endowed female models.  I was unaware that Halloween had been co-opted by the porn industry also.
But I saw a more disturbing trend.  There were priest and nun costumes, I thought that might be a good idea since we are going to a dance with with a bunch of friends from our parish.  But then I saw the "Humorous Costumes" with a pregnant nun saying "Thank you father."  And a priest in the fake state of arousal.
Nice touch these "Humorous" people have.  I however didn't see any costumes of Mohammed.  With or without the bomb-shaped turban.  What, that is too insensitive?  Yes what a fair and balanced world we live in.

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antonia said...


we live in a very very biased world