Friday, October 06, 2006

This should chase the rest away

Not sure on the demographics of the Anglican church, but if it is similar to the Catholic Church in the U.S. there probably isn't many men left to chase away.  But still the same, these guidelines should finish off the survivors.

The Daily Mail quotes Graham James, the Anglican Bishop of Norwich, who said that abuse victims “can be locked into a belief that they deserve the punishment that they receive and they link that with the theology that they hear in church where Christ is victim.”

“Maybe even that they think their suffering has redemptive quality to it which justifies it in some way,” James said.

In a section called, “God as Abuser?” the report claims, “…The divine–human relationship may be conceived in terms of domination and submission at the expense of grace, mercy and patient love.”

Definitely don't need anyone acting Christ-like in our world.  Nope, that submission to the will of the Father (oops, shouldn't use that term) is likely to make your life a living hell.  Of course the alternative to following the will of the Father is Eternal Damnation, but they probably don't believe in that hocus-pocus anymore either.
I love the closer though,
Simon Calvert of the evangelical Christian Institute think tank, said, “They appear to suggest seriously that we should ditch many centuries of Judaeo-Christian teaching because of some half-baked feminist theory.”

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