Thursday, November 02, 2006

The WHOLE seamless garment

The seamless garment argument has always rang hollow, as in someone avoiding their failure in the details by talking about "the larger picture."

But I was thinking about it this morning.  Fr. Corapi mentioned a bit about it, you can hear him on 970 am in the inland northwest.  Anyway, when most mention the "seamless garment", they usually are trying to justify their support for just a few pieces of it.  But a "seamless garment" is only really seamless if it is intact.  If you tear out a chunk here and a chunk there, it isn't much of a garment.  And the only way to make it a garment again would be to sew a bunch of seams in it.
I think the whole seamless reference is supposed to be to Christ's garment at the crucifixion that the one soldiers won by casting lots.  But again, this was done so they didn't want to tear the garment. 
And furthermore, I am wondering if this "seamless garment" has been handed down throughout the generations, making me question the heredity of those in possession of this garment.


Jeff Miller said...

It was the late Cardinal Bernadine of Chicago that came up with the "seamless garment" defense. Though as progressive as he was on many things, what he said about abortion is at odds with modern progressives.

KaleJ said...

Thanks for the clarification.