Monday, November 27, 2006

Missing the point

Don't you get the feeling that in this weekend's Gospel that Pontius Pilate is missing the point?  He asks if Jesus is a King, Jesus says his kingdom is not of this world, if it were, his followers would be fighting.  And so Pilate comes back, "So you are a king." 
Of course we have the advantage of history to set the situation against, but still, Pilate seems to be oblivious to what Jesus tells him.  Kinda like when we have our minds set and hear only what we want. 
So on the Feast of Christ the King, what is the point.  Is it just a rah-rah we win in the end kinda celebration to end the liturgical year.  As my priest said, "Christ the King is easy to say.  Kind of rolls off the tongue."  But his point, it isn't so easy to live.  Is Christ the King of all corners of our life?  And then he went on and listed some common failures of people.  I was nodding along thinking, yeah I know someone that could work on that, nod, nod and then he mentions one for me and I stop judging and check my own account.  Umm never mind.
Always good to be reminded of our own need for a savior.  Especially right before receiving the Eucharist.


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