Friday, November 17, 2006

the message

One wonders if the Republicans received the message delivered on election night. Seems they might have, at least they have learned to act like they are listening. While the Democrats think they have the mandate to get even more radical, the Republicans are reshaping their leadership to attract the religious conservatives once again.
The House GOP selected their top two leaders and both have 100% pro-life voting records.
The Senate GOP's new top man is Sen. Mitch McConnell, another with a 100% pro-life record. The number two, Trent Lott is pro-life on abortion but sadly has voted for the embryonic stem cell research.
And even Bush is getting into the act, appointing Dr. Eric Keroack as assistant secretary of the Department Health and Human Services. And as Dom has pointed out, not only is he pro-life but anti-contraception as well.

And the democrats, well here is my thought on their post-campaign promises. My thoughts in Bold.
"With integrity, civility, and fiscal responsibility as our guide, Democrats intend to move forward with the agenda for change on which we were elected. We will:

•Make America safer by implementing the recommendations of the 9/11 commission.
- Their recommendation? Be safe out there!

•Make our economy fairer by raising the minimum wage and ending taxpayer subsidies for sending jobs overseas.
- With a higher minimum wage, Taxpayer subsidies will no longer be necessary to drive jobs overseas

•Make college more affordable by cutting the interest rates on student loans.
- more "lifer" college students means lower unemployment rates too. Double chaching!
- With lower interest rates, colleges can afford to charge more for even less.

•Improve healthcare by allowing Medicare to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices and promoting stem-cell research.
- pump more money into research that hasn't produced any results. Now there is science for ya. Science does its best when it pays its own way. You know, that results orientated plan? Oh wait these are politicians, they haven't worked a meaningful job in decades.

•Achieve energy independence within 10 years by investing America's energy dollars in the Midwest instead of the Middle East.
- spend more of our tax dollars to "research" what? Investing means using your own money, not mine. I'll believe their commitment when they all show up to work in the carpool lane. Driving a yugo rather than a limo.

•Guarantee a dignified retirement by improving Medicare, protecting Social Security, and making it easier to save for retirement."
- Our "dignified retirement will now start when we turn 85. But hey, more working years means more years to save for retirement.

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