Friday, November 03, 2006

Pull the hat down tighter Beetle

Gerald has the goods on the latest "Halloween Family Celebration Mass" or something to that effect at Corpus Christi in California.
I love this line attributed to Father Baily in Gerald's Comments.
At Corpus Christi, we don't care where you are or what you do in your life -- that isn't who you are! Sins are like -- well, as you all well know, when you have a small child who is sick and vomits on you, you don't throw that child away. You hold him, and comfort him, and help him get better. Well, when we sin, it's like we're vomiting on Him. And His response is at least as loving as any parent's. He's not going to throw you away."
Somehow vomiting on Him is quite appropriate.  Throw in the lukewarm theology and perhaps Fr. Baily should worry about the same in return. 
I wonder if he would find it all happy and fun if someone showed up for communion dressed as a midget with his shoes attached to his knees.  Not that I would recommend using the Eucharist to make a statement, but one sometimes wonders.

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