Friday, November 10, 2006

buckle up this

Need another reason to homeschool your children?  Try this one on for size.  Our one son who attends public school (he is blind and Braille ain't exactly our first language, let alone easy to learn) came home with a permission slip to attend an assembly on seat belts. (I remember those lame assemblies as a child.  I always made the point of not wearing one because these goofballs acted like they wanted to "protect" me.  Even as a child I could see through their BS.) 
Seems as though the people in charge have a great idea to promote seat belts among the kids.  They get to 'ticket' their parents if they catch them not buckling up.  The fine is 25 cents each time. 
What a great idea!  And I will follow that up by letting them giving me a whipping if I don't clean my plate and wash out my mouth with soap if I use a bad word.  Hey, why not just hand them the keys and say take me home son I am tired of driving. After all, you are just as responsible as I am for raising this family.
Whatta bunch of maroons!  My wife sent the slip back saying he did not have permission to attend.  I told her it was a good thing the slip was already gone.  My terminology for saying no would have ended me up in the bathroom chewing on the soap bar. 

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Anonymous said...

Again, homeschooling can be wonderful, for some, but would ruin the lives of most who might not be as good at it. Of course we all hear stories about how great it is from a seemingly small group but we rarely hear from the ones that are doing a lousy job. It's kind of reverse news, like in the paper we always hear of the bad things knowing full well there are a lot of good things happening out there as well, and I suspect the good things far out number the bad in general. Homeschooling is the opposite in that we hear of the good ones only and, suspect again, the bad ones far out weight that. If your kids go to a public school they are still home schooled in faith and life at home and no degree of haughtiness from the few actuall home schoolers can change that.