Friday, November 10, 2006

Hapy Vetrans day

Of course, all those who weren't "stuck" in the military will recognize the misspelled words.  But in honor of our Veterans, I figured I would post this a day early to give them extra time to read it.
But seriously, my heartfelt thanks to the many veterans I know and the thousands I don't know.  I wish my family and friends that have served could have been there last night.  Been there at my son's school for the Veteran's day program.  (Yes we homeschool, except for our 9 year old blind son.)
Being fairly skeptical of public schools, I went without much expectations.  But this program almost renewed my faith in them.  (Almost.  See the next item)  While we waited, they played patriotic songs sung by children including "God Bless America".  The principal welcomed everyone as the 3rd grade class filed in.  Then he did the best thing possible and sat down, leaving the rest of the night to the kids.  Perhaps that was what made it so special, no adults yammering their views, no one telling us what a 'real' patriot is; just the kids putting on a program to thank the veterans.
My son got to come out following the pledge and the singing of "The National Anthem".  He belted out his opening line, "Please be seated."  He loves the mike and made the most of the rest of his part.
That made a dad proud, but then I was plain flabbergasted by the rest of the program.  The kids sang "God Bless America" and other patriotic songs.  Then they invited the Vets to come up, and not just the select VFW that paraded in, carrying their parade guns of all things.  Wonder how they got those past the "gun free zone" signs.  But all the Vets in the crowd came up to a standing ovation.  Each in turn introduced himself (and herself for the one female) ending with the guy that had just returned from Iraq.
They each got a handmade ribbon from some of the students. 
The program ending with a moving slide show with some 9/11 pictures of the firemen at the WTC.  I had a tear in my eye from it all.  The kids did a rousing rendition of "Proud to be an American" to end it.
Wow was all I could think.  So, for those who have the chance, get yourself to an event to commemorate the Veterans.  It isn't the same just sitting at home being thankful, being in the presence of men and women who have sacrificed to protect our freedom really brings it home.  I must say as I watched the Vets all walk to the front of the gym to the ovation, a part of me was sad that I hadn't made that same sacrifice.  Granted my chance was during peace time and I had looked at the National Guard, but still it saddened me a bit to know I wasn't among those who stood up to serve.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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