Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What about pabulum?

Father Corapi was speaking on the virtue of Faith today.  And one of the ways to sin against Faith is the failure to protect your faith and that of your children.  So not subjecting yourself to false teachings or hanging about in a blasphemous environment. 
Kinda reminds me of what occurred on another blog discussion this weekend.  The religious fervor of one commenter set the left bank off on a blasphemous trail that in my mind negates any value the discussions have.  And funny how often the sin of presumption comes up in those types of discussions, assuming that there is no conversion or contrition necessary for the mercy of God to work.  Yes God loves us no matter how sinful, but if we persist in that state without contrition or sincere repentance, God's mercy is not free to work.  In other words, God's love and mercy is infinite, but we can choose to reject them.
But back to my original thoughts.  Obviously it is wrong to put our children in religious classes that pervert the teachings of the Christ or twist and torture them to reach the wrong conclusions.  But what about Religious Education that doesn't teach against the faith, but merely fails to inspire any interest in the faith?
To use an analogy, obviously it is wrong to feed them poison.  But what about feeding our children cold pabulum that soon turns them away from eating any nourishing food?  Or only feeding them light and fluffy foods that fail to satisfy the bodies real needs.  Will that not lead to starvation also?
So should I waste time with sending my child to a uninspiring Religious Ed class for his First Holy Communion? 

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