Monday, March 31, 2008

Silver linings

Yeah, more people treating their dogs like kids. The good news in this, when a pet gets spoiled and acts out, the animal can be put down. So the majority of these people aren't screwing up kids (that they would have named Apple Orchard or Cinna Bond.New Names for Dogs Miss the 'Spot' - AOL News
Spot is out and Max is in. In fact, in a recent survey of the 10 most popular dog names in the nation, names more fit for humans are finding favor over more traditional dog names like Buddy and Buster.
Money quote here,
"It's an interesting contrast that, in a country where there's still child neglect and child abuse, people are spending so much time and effort on dogs," says psychologist and author Eleanora Woloy.
Yes that family down the street can't afford heat this winter, but Sir Max (the rottenwieler) needed ACL surgery.

The silver lining for these folk, the dog probably won't be in charge of their nursing home care and won't withhold food and water just so the Will gets implemented earlier.

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