Thursday, March 06, 2008

On kids, homework and nation building

The history lessons from our homeschooling curriculum prompted quite a discussion this week.  One of the benefits of homeschooling is the ability to digress into a topic that the kids find fascinating.  Such was the case this week.   

Discussing the constitution and the founding of America led into the subject of nation building.  The boys were adamant that we should depose every dictator and right every wrong.  In their minds, they had trouble grasping what could go wrong with that plan.  Wouldn't everyone be happy being free like we are?

Reminds me of those in charge of our great nation at the present.  What could go wrong?  We deposed an evil dictator didn't we?  They will welcome us with open arms.

Talking with a co-worker in the lunchroom, I surmised that is exactly the case.  Our nation building ideals are juvenile in thought.  Idealistic, but not based in experience.  How many dictators must we depose, how many Shahs must we prop up, how many civil wars must we create before we learn the lesson?  Freedom can not be imposed.  It must be earned, even won; paid for in blood. 

My co-worker related it to trying to give one's children happiness and prosperity.  How many children are given everything only to squander it.  Just as Jesus can't make us love Him, so we too must learn the path to happiness... freedom... prosperity.  To think otherwise would be, well, childish.

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