Friday, March 14, 2008

Let em

If they can't figure out how silly they look, then let em, Rainbow Sash Movement Plots Papal Protest
March 11, 2008 ( - The Rainbow Sash Movement, a homosexual activist group, announced their plans to protest Pope Benedict XVI's opposition to homosexual behavior during his April visit to the United States.

The RSM plans to throw ashes at the Pope, because "ashes are an ancient and appropriate greeting for a sinner who has caused the Church so much division and pain," stated the movement.

Yes, ashes are ancient and appropriate for sinners. That is why Jesus went around tying sinners up in sack cloth and dumped ashes all over them.

But I wouldn't worry too much, if they can't figure out how hypocritical that statement is, they probably will try throwing ashes from down-wind.

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