Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Good bishops

I love reading about good bishops. This one gets an A+ for focusing on what's important (the Eucharist), and for having the guts to speak up. I also agree on the tongue versus hand stance. Bishop Athanasius Schneider addresses Communion
“Therefore, here is not a question of some 'right,' but here is a question of-- we are dealing with the Lord Himself, and therefore we cannot be silent, especially I as bishop, and say 'OK, it's all OK.' It's not all OK. When we love our Lord, we have to strengthen this moment in order that it become more sacred in order to educate the exterior sign of adoration, which is also an education of faith."

He referred to the common formal gestures used to greet a president, a king, or a queen, saying comparable respect for the King of Kings was necessary.

"It is not a question of ritualism,” he said, “but a question of faith and love for Our Lord, Jesus Christ."
"It's not all OK." I love that line.

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