Monday, March 10, 2008

forests and trees

To paraphrase the old adage about forests and trees, they can't see the point because of the agenda. The article (via Ironic Catholic) does hit on some points, but makes sure there is a definite green slant.

Take for instance,
In recent months, Pope Benedict has made several strong appeals for the protection of the environment, saying issues such as climate change had become gravely important for the entire human race.

Under Benedict and his predecessor John Paul, the Vatican has become progressively "green."

It has installed photovoltaic cells on buildings to produce electricity and hosted a scientific conference to discuss the ramifications of global warming and climate change, widely blamed on human use of fossil fuels.
Read that last line, it makes it look like the Pope is blaming fossil fuels.

The article does at least give credence to the main subject of the "new sins".
Asked what he believed were today's "new sins," he told the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano that the greatest danger zone for the modern soul was the largely uncharted world of bioethics.

"(Within bioethics) there are areas where we absolutely must denounce some violations of the fundamental rights of human nature through experiments and genetic manipulation whose outcome is difficult to predict and control," he said.

The Vatican opposes stem cell research that involves destruction of embryos and has warned against the prospect of human cloning.

I love the last line in regards to Catholics no longer attending confession.
20 percent felt uncomfortable talking about their sins to another person.
Well duh, that is called guilt and a good part of the reason Jesus setup the Sacrament in the first place. Human nature would rather not talk about sin, repress it and never deal with the guilt it causes. Then after years of this, we pay a therapist to assuage this guild and reaffirm that we are a "good person."

Phil at CWN has a good summary of the media missteps.

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