Friday, March 07, 2008

All your offspring are belong to us *update*

To borrow from the old Japenese gaming phrase Looks like those without are looking to raise the children they weren't willing to have. Call me cynical, but overcrowded public schools overrun by the children of illegal aliens just doesn't strike me as in the "best interests" of the child either. The Credentialed teachers there spend most of their time trying to maintain control, enforce discipline and in between silent day for homosexuality, possibly teach a little.

The story in the LA Times.
Looks like there is some debate whether this is what the Times sez it is.
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Tim Jones reacts.
A California state appellate court judge has said "Parents do not have a constitutional right to home school their children.".

We don't need it, you idiot. We have a natural right to home school our children. We hold this truth to be self-evident. the Constitution, and specifically the Bill of Rights is not anything like an exhaustive list of the rights of individuals, but is meant as a modest hedge against oppressive government encroachment like the nonsense you are trying to pull. You can't expect the founding fathers to list everything that people have a right to do.
Matthew at CMR wonders about the future of homeschooling.

Me? I say brace yourself Idaho for the onslaught of Californian emigrants. And I agree with Tim Jones, we don't need a constitutional right. If the government gave us these rights, they could take them away. But God bestows children, not the state.

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Jeff Miller said...

Actually the L.A. Times totally misreported the story and the ruling does not effect any parents currently homeschooling.

See for details.