Friday, March 07, 2008

If only

Ha! If only it were true. The Pope Is Out to Get the Yankees
Turns out Pope Benedict XVI is coming to Yankee Stadium to say a mass on April 20th, which required that weekend's series with the Orioles to be flipped from New York to Baltimore. Since schedules are apparently incredibly delicate things, MLB didn't flip any other series to accommodate the Yanks. The result is a schedule that requires them to be in Tampa on the 15th, New York in the 16th, and Baltimore on the 18th. That's a bad week.

So the Pope is messing with their schedule, the Red Sox have won two World Series in the past four years, and Hank Steinbrenner is in charge. There's only one conclusion to draw from this whole scenario, really. God hates the Yankees.
Of course even if the Pope were to dislike the Yankees (a reasonable proposition) it wouldn't rise to the level of infallibility. It may seem to deal with faith as some sports fans have a religious devotion to their team, but no, this is a different type of faith.


Bear-i-tone said...

NOw if only we could get the Pope to come to our neck of the woods and see if he can do something for the blasted Leafs...

Teresa B. said...

Maybe someone will take a relic or a blessed object from Pope Benedict and bury it at homeplate, like what they did with the Loonie for the Hockey Championships a few years back.

Bear's comment:
Pope JPII was in Toronto twice, ain't no miracle for those Leafs!
Go Habs!

Pax Christi,
Teresa B.